Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poems to remember from 2011 - Final day(day 9).

between sun and shade
a butterfly pauses
like none I've seen -
whoever falls in love
with someone they know?

Michael McClintock

The final few in my list of this year's best. Not sure why I like them... I don't even want to try! All that i know is I'll keep coming back to them.

Dear Malvina
It's been a long time since we It's already autumn here...
lonely evening

Rafal Zabratynski

lonely is a place
the call of a loon

Francine Banwarth

yoshino cherry tree -
it was never a question of

Johannes S H Bjerg

Thanks to all of you, my friend and readers, for stopping by and commenting. You make all this worthwhile. Here's wishing you a glorious new year and hope to meet you here again soon.

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Alegria Imperial said...

Wonderful run of your favorites, Sanjukta! Love them all! Happy New year!