Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poems to remember from 2011 - Day 5, snow and solstice

Starting right where I left off yesterday...with Issa's poem about night snow...perhaps it would be fitting to have "snow and solstice" as today's theme. Such wonderful haiku have been written in the past year on snow that i had a hard time picking only a few. The last one by David Cobb, however, was written much earlier.

flake by flake
bending bamboo

kris moon

trying to forget...
the ridge line sharpened
by fresh snow

Harriot West

Solstice breeze
in the cedars
crows becoming fog

Rebecca Lilly

winter solstice
cradled in between
the north and south of him

Karen DiNobile

drip by drip
the moonlight lengthens
in the icicle

David Cobb

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Philosopher said...

Nice One.

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