Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poems to remember - Day 7, memories

I've this memory -
riding my father's shoulders
into the ocean,
the poetry of things
before I could speak

Michael McClintock

I am not sure how to describe the theme of today's group of poems. Should it be 'memories', 'parents' or 'loss'? The above poem by Michael McClintock kind of captures the mood.

where my father fished...
I drop a line
into the sky

Gregory Hopkins

eggshells fragments
what I know of the mother
I've never known

Melissa Spur

far-off owl...
the phantom scent
of father's pipe

John Hawk

charcoal on my fingers
mother explains the plan
for her ashes

Aubrie Cox

soapsuds -
mother tells me how
she'd like to die

Margaret Dornaus

father asks
if I hear
the chimes

Glenn Coats

bathing in its own light
the moon
...those who are gone

Steven Carter


maggie said...

Thank you, Sanjukta, for including my poem among these wonderful tributes. Could you tell me where you found Michael McClintock's tanka--it is so beautiful . . .

Best, Margaret

sanjuktaa said...

Entirely my pleasure, Margaret.There are quite a few others by you that i consider among my best of 2011, but being hard pressed for time, couldn't feature all of them as planned.As for the Michael McClintock tanka, i had copied it down long back, but don't remember from where.Maybe some past issue of Modern Tanka...?

Wrick said...

wow. again. aloha Sanjukta, these are beautiful tributes to those who in many cases go on before us. thank you.

snowbird said...

salt cod
her tanka had my Dad
in front of my eyes

sanjuktaa said...

Rick, thanks! Glad you liked them.

snowbird, thanks so much for stopping by and the wonderful comment.

Gillena Cox said...

decorating the
Christmas tree we put on -
the angel hair last

Wishing you Joy in this season of Christmas

much love...