Sunday, December 4, 2011

Photo prompt by Carlos Colon

Before i start today's post, i'd like to thank all my 5 followers for joining my blog and giving me a patient hearing. There are some of you who visit and comment,(and how i value you) but haven't joined yet, and there are quite a few of you who visit regularly , but don't comment and hence i have no idea about your identity, but i am grateful to you. too.Please consider joining through the Google friend connect even if you don't have a blog as that would give this blog a healthy look (you don't want your friend's blog to look impoverished, do you?) and give me a legitimate excuse to post more.And if you do have a blog, i'll immediately return the favour by joining your blog, that is, if i haven't done so already!

So thanks a ton, Claire, Kirsten, Rick, Ted Zutphen and Don Wentworth.

Now to the post.

The last day(30th November) of Carlos Colon's prompt at NaHaiWriMo turned out to be very interesting. He provided a photo and we had to write a ku based on it. I found the picture really fascinating and you can see my response below.

through the looking glass -
the sunlit path
to home

But there were many other excellent responses.
For example, here is what Pamela Cooper felt.

the sun
skipping with
the tree's shadow

warm path buried knuckles clutch the walking stick

Terri L French

this calm day I brace for the storm

Angie Warren

bend over backwards or bow low anything to please you

Johannes S H Bjerg

This one was done in a very nice way, with the text bending with the branches, but i could not post the image here.

And finally this one which takes the cake, i think.

parents too
bend over backwards...
autumn winds

-Hansha Teki

Stella Pierides is the prompter for December and I am looking forward to another exciting month with her.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sanjuktaa. I must admit that I don't quite understand all the nuances of how blogs work, even though I've had one for over two years. I've been following your blog in my Google Reader since its inception, but apparently Google follow is something different. In any case, always glad to lend my support! I admire your work very much, and this photo haiga was one of my favorites!

sanjuktaa said...

Thanks so much, Cara.I too don't understand the nuances of blogging much and installed the google friend connect because i was instructed to do so. Basically, i'd just love to see a few more faces here:-) Thanks for heeding my request.As you know, i am already a staunch follower of your blog!

Yousei Hime said...

I read your interview at the Red Dragonfly today. It was humble and inspirational. I look forward to visiting and sharing with you.

sanjuktaa said...

Thanks, Yousei.Welcome to my blog!

Alegria Imperial said...

Dear Sanjukta, I'm so guilt-ridden from the growing number of omissions I've recently committed like slow responses that soon just fade into ether. I know you know how I've been following everything you write, first at NaHaiWriMo, and then here. I'm always awed and often lack words for your poetry but especially your haiga. But yes, it's important to know whose footprints have been inscribed as a cipher on one's blog...yes, I'm now your follower, too! Thanks for your gentle nudge.

sanjuktaa said...

Hi Alee,thanks so much for "officially" following me now :-) Basically, i just wanted this blog to look a little respectable with a few more followers.I too have been following your blog and lapping up all your work since the time i discovered it.And i cannot tell you how flattered i am that you like my haiga which i have not submitted anywhere for publication yet and my interest in which was sparked off largely due to you and Rick, of course.Thanks again, Alegria!