Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poems to remember - Day 8, medley

I know I had promised some longer poems, (for those of you who like longer poems). I had planned to feature poems on some more themes.I also needed to do a post totally devoted to haiga, if I were to do justice to all the beautiful haiga i have read this year. But being time-strapped as I am, these posts would have to wait probably till some time in next year. Today I bring you a few poems which definitely are among my best of 2011, but which I had missed somehow... and even then I'll be missing many more!

in ten summers
the convict's first visit

Johny Baranski

1 from a bridge
2 with a bullet
that kind of a family

Eve Luckring

Father's day
his wheel tracks
in the carpet

Michelle Schaefer

tree stumps
father never needed

Glenn Coats

a rainbow
baby duck

Carlos Colon

today slips
into the room hungry
on tiny paws

angie werren

(this one as a haiga with a beautiful image on Tinywords, issue 11.2, 19th October, 2011)

rushing thoughts...
the speckled breast
of this thrush

Kirsten Kliff

the documents
all signed
winter rain

Roland Packer

crashing waves -
almost believing
it's forever

Svetlana Marisova

outside :
a war, inside:
a death,
and you want me
to choose...

Kirsten Kliff

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