Tuesday, November 27, 2012

what remains

what remains
of this twilight--
orange blossoms

Vol XIV, NO.3
The Herons Nest
September, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A taste of the cherries on top

If you think I'm going to blog today like my many other blogger friends have done already, about the free downloadable e-book "With Cherries on Top" edited by Michael Dylan Welch, featuring some selected haiku and senryu from August NaHaiWriMo, then you are absolutely right! The collection looks fabulous,as it is, with artwork  by Michael Dylan Welch himself and contains nearly 200 poems by 73 poets who participated in NaHaiWriMo that month, with the best 5 or more poems for each day being selected by the 31 different prompters themselves.But what is remarkable about the book is the astounding quality of the poems. I had always known there were many gifted poets in this community and many excellent poems get written every month in response to the prompts. In August, the number of participating poets were even more and perhaps because everybody wanted to excel, the level of the poems went up many notches higher.

The poems featured in the book are already hand-picked.Still I'd mention here a few which i thought were brilliant just to whet your appetite(for those of you who are yet to read it).

The prompt "Karumi" perhaps produced the most amazing poems.  Here are a few.

sun dance
not touching the ground 
not touching each other

-Stevie Strang
(I wish i wrote that, Stevie Strang.)

the little sister 
and the big sister--
wild summer grasses

Vincent Hoarau

dappled sunlight 
dragonflies linger
over his grave

Pris Campbell

 I had not quite captured the essence of karumi, but after reading these poems, now i know what karumi is.

And what can i say about this one? It made me smile, it made me cry.

 From the prompt love,

summer night
my daughter asks how long
I might live

Dawn Apanius

The next two are also from love,

shooting stars 
the gap in our ages 
just too big

Sheila Windsor

a sparrow's song
colors the breeze...
having you near

Asni Amin

Consider these two from tidepool,

tide pool  clumps of mussels sipping starlight on the rocks

Kathy Uyen Nguyen

tide pool-
my heartbeat 

Jayashree Maniyil

And this stunning one is from sand,


divorce decree--
the remains of a castle
taken by the tide

 Michele Harvey

The following ones from grass and enlightenment respectively.

a very wise man
a bit of wild grass
in his hair

Vincent Hoarau

meteor shower
for a split second
I know

Annie Juhl

And this very moving one from birth,

growing dusk...
the stillborn calf
is taken away

Kirsten Cliff

"Breath-taking" is how i describe the next one, the prompt was surrender.

 the morning takes me--
white butterfly

Claire Everett

This incredibly beautiful one is from seam,

between the meadow
and conifer forest-
a seam of elk

Deborah Barbour Lundy

and this absolute stunner from childhood in summer.

cotton-candy clouds--
days when I am
one of the butterflies

Christine L.Villa 

 This one is simply delightful...from the same prompt childhood in summer.

farm pond
in frogs

Susan Murata

Don't miss this one,(prompt boat)

my kayak
opens and closes
the glassy lake 

Carole MacRury

And this,(prompt time)

 shiva call--
the steady sweep
of the second hand

Mark E.Brager

Finally this one , from healthcare.

with a different quiet-
chemo lounge

Edgar Hopper

 I'd have liked to include many more, but that would be giving away the whole show.

So if I've got you sufficiently interested by now, you could view or download the book.here. And let me remind you, I too have six poems tucked in there under the prompts tide pool, lion, chili pepper, seam,forgotten things and  moon viewing.

Happy reading!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

starry night, open window and black water

It's already mid-November and I've again missed quite a few submission deadlines of journals where i had intended to submit; but on the plus side, still one and a half month to go in this year and more importantly Diwali is behind me! I always feel relieved and upbeat when Diwali is over...don't know why.Duties done, chores completed and respects paid, I feel a whole lot lighter, like, now i am free to do my own thing, to go back to my own world. Not that there was too much to do this year...the reasons being my own illness and the passing away of a close relative. Yet the aftermath of Diwali is always NICE! The weather seems sweeter, I am feeling much better and who knows maybe soon, very soon, I'd be able to write some poetry!

Meanwhile,to go over a few recent publications, these three haiku (by me) were published in A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 issue.

 starry night tripping over the banyan roots

opening the window 
to a moth and what's left
of the moon

black water pond
how deep
the crow's eyes