Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poems to remember from 2011 - Day 3, birds

A bird sang, everyone listened. The sermon is preached, said the master. Thus goes a zen saying.

So shall we have""birds" as today's theme?

Let's start with this tanka.

reaching the age
of being ignored
what sweet delight
when a mockingbird
answers my call

Margaret Chula

I know i featured this next one in a previous post also, but this simply has to find a place among my best of 2011.

from wrists to fingertips...
last of the swallows

Claire Everett

testing the water
through rings of raindrops
the egret's steps

Claire Everett

where creek willows weave the sunlight ducklings

Lorin Ford

how his day went robins at dusk

Jennifer Gomoll Popolis , Acorn, spring 2011

blue highway--
of the blackbird's song

Bill Pauly (Modern haiku, winter 2011)

white sky
a cloud of blackbirds
erupts from an oak

Laura Garrison


Michele L Harvey

And finally these two ,

day moon the little grebe's leap into light

John Barlow, 2010

all day long
this fever

Peggy Willis Lyles, 2010

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Wrick said...

elegant . beautiful choices, Sanjukta. that first one - wow-ed me. it has so much staying power. thank you. aloha.