Monday, February 20, 2017

moon, cherry blossoms, nature (Febryary NaHaiWriMo, 2017)

 Continuing into the the third week of NaHaiWriMo, these were the prompts and my responses:

Feb 17 (moon)

the daiquiri...
misty moon

Feb 18 ( cherry blossoms)

tiny cherry buds...
it's okay to be

Feb 19 ( nature again, but from another season rather than this one )

early spring...
waiting for the squirrel
the green almonds and me

Friday, February 17, 2017

returning to nature (February NaHaiWriMo, 2017)

Feb 15 (returning to)

nobody waiting
for me at the old home-
I sit
awhile on the steps
getting to know the thistle wind

Feb 16 (nature, something natural that we can see right now)

almost dusk
one more butterfly crosses over
to the woods

Thursday, February 16, 2017

it is a way of (NaHaiWriMo, Feb 2017)

Into the 2nd week and beyond, the prompts are getting more interesting, with some words being repeated, but with different nuances, like we were warned of at the beginning itself.

#Feb 12 (it - use the word in the poem, but try not to say what "it"is)

knowing it,
not knowing it...
winter sparrow

#Feb 13 (is - mention the word in the poem, unlike the first time, but try not to introduce too much judgement into it)

it is late, yet...
the yellow cat waiting
by the padlocked gate

#Feb 14 (a way of - a way of some kind or using another word after 'of')

new valentine...
the way his eyes blinking amber
hold mine

(I know, I know, it's a stupid one, but just wanted to incorporate the valentine somehow into it. Will need some revision to make it even passable)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

mirror wiped clean

Feb 9 (mirror)

failing light...
a thin film of dust
over the mirror


autumn chill
I meet my loneliness
in the mirror
(not posted on FB)

Feb 10 (wiped)

to and fro
across the rainbow...
the car wipers

Feb 11 (clean)

washing curtains...
all the windows draped
in sky

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

door half opened (February NaHaiWriMo, '17)

All who are following or participating in NaHaiWriMo this month, must have by now, come to realize that the prompts are actually parts of a sentence, a definition of haiku by Blythe, which is going to unfold slowly over the coming weeks.A novel approach really. So keep on tuned.And meantime, the prompts and my responses to them for the past 3 days.

Feb 6 (door)

lost keys-
the doors
between us

Feb 7 (half)

night lamp-
he tells me only
half the truth

Feb 8 (opened)

open window
the child scoops moonlight
off the floor

And an extra from the last month (crow)

lingering worry
the crow
on the eaves

Sunday, February 5, 2017

a hand beckoning (February '17 NaHaiWriMo)

February 3 (A)

the blueness-
a peacock's cry full of
fog and forest

(as posted on FB)

February 4 (Hand)
in gnarled hands
the smooth curves
of a clay pot

(as posted on FB)

February 5 (Beckoning)

rusty moon
through a crack in the window
a creaking poem

( as posted on FB)

And one extra,

breakfast table
the light
from a peeled orange

(From January prompt "early")

Thursday, February 2, 2017

haiku is - (February '17 NaHaiWriMo)

  February 1 (haiku)

haiku editor...
those three frown lines
on her brow

February 2 ( is)

when did it come to this...
air-bubbles rising from
the fish tank

And one extra from the January prompts: (origin)

mountain brook
who cares where
you came from