Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poems to remember from 2011 - Day 4, dusk

Twilight, dusk, night.Haiku poets, since the time of Basho, have always reveled in this period after sunset.The poems I bring you today are based on this theme - "dusk".

open window
a mockingbird song
the length of twilight

Christopher Herold

beer and wine
a summer night
with my sometime thing

David Caruso

sparrows at the edge
of summer dusk ...
how will I remember her

Francine Banwarth

(I am not sure this one could be called a dusk haiku though!)

closing time
winter dusk slides down
the book drop

Roberta Beary

whispering the darkness between fireflies

Laura Garrison

blue razor
on the tub's edge
winter dusk

Joyce Clement

threading the needle
one star pierces
the night

Michelle Schaefer

sound of the ocean
north of the fence...
night snow

Issa, 1803


maggie said...

I'm loving this series, Sanjukta! Especially to see which haiku I've seen, and which I've overlooked. Thank you!
Best, Margaret

sanjuktaa said...

Thank you, Margaret. Good to get feedback from you!Actually, by going over these haiku,I'm also kinda trying to make up my mind about which ones to nominate for the Touchstone awards.Esp. as there are only two places, they should give us a choice of at least 5!