Monday, December 19, 2011

Poems to remember from 2011 - Day 2, autumn

'Autumn', 'falling leaves', 'red leaves', these have always been favourite subjects of haiku poets.
Today i bring you 8 poems on this theme (I know i said 2 or 3 poems every day, but what can i do when so many lovely poems have been written on autumn leaves and i want to catch every single one of them?). Some from this year, some were written earlier.

So here we go.

not much
...and yet
my autumn

Gabi Greve
Editor's choice, December issue of World Haiku Review

leaves changing a language i can't fully grasp

-Polona Oblak

autumn leaves...
I'm dispensable

-Francine Banwarth

one face
then the other...
falling leaf

-Mark E Brager


Melissa Allen

autumn riff
aspen leaves a few notes higher
than the stream

Harriot West, Frogpond 32:1, 2009

into the afterlife red leaves   
     —Peggy Willis Lyles

And lastly, this tanka,

What is it you fear,
now that autumn is ending?
We two still have time
to bring in the last parsley,
and rake walnuts from the grass.

Jared Carter


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Wonderful, moving selection of work. Thanks.


sanjuktaa said...

Thanks for stopping by, Don!

Wrick said...

oh. oh. one I like very much here:

written on autumn leaves 
I want to catch every single 
one of them

I like your year's end gathering. it has been an amazing year of poetic words. aloha

Melissa Allen said...

What a great idea to put together these thematic collections, Sanjukta. ... and thanks much for featuring my work. I love how you have developed your blog over the last few months!

sanjuktaa said...

Hi Rick, hi Melissa! Always love to hear from you!