Saturday, March 23, 2013

I doodle, you ku, 2013 third week

What is a doodle-ku?

It is simply writing a poem to match a doodle or sketch  and is something similar to a haiga.

And what is a haiga?

To quote Michael Dylan Welch, "HAIGA is the art of combining brush painting, haiku, and calligraphy. A traditional haiga requires all three of these elements. Just as haiku succeeds by creating space and energy in the relationship of its two juxtaposed parts, haiga energizes viewers through the “leap” or even disjunction between the poem and the paint­ing (the painting is typically not an illustration of the poem).  Modern haiga sometimes replaces one of the three requirements, such as by using a photograph instead of a painting (also known as photo-haiga, or shahai in Japanese), or by typesetting words on a computer instead of using calligraphy. Some purists do not consider these variations to be authentic haiga, but they are increasingly popular as computer technology evolves. While traditional haiga will continue to require brush painting, haiku, and calligraphy, artists and poets have explored many additional combinations with pleasing re­sults, such as using collage and other mixed-media presentations."

The above was to answer the queries of the casual readers of this blog who are sometimes confused as to what is this doodle-ku all about? And the poems here will make better sense when read in conjunction with the doodles. So in order to see the accompanying doodles, please click here.

And now to the third week of  I doodle, you ku. I am surprised that I've come this far and here's what I wrote:

 March 15

 the headphones left behind
...listening to the sounds 
of silence

March 16

missing the mark
today this freedom
to flower 

March 17

ten years later-
still too big for me
to fill up


March 18

firefly this sudden longing to see you

March 19

the bucket brimming
with shards of moon

March 20   

the way
you strum me...
wind through the bamboo

March 21

tv viewing
at the old age home 


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