Thursday, March 7, 2013

I doodle, you ku 2013--first week

I promised (not to myself though) to stay off poetry for a while and focus on more pressing things like aadhar card, ATM card, repairs around the house, going on urgent shopping trips and last but not the least, sorting out a friend's love life. But when Aubrie Cox was back again on Yay words with her I doodle, you ku , 2013 , I knew I couldn't keep my word. Especially after listening to all  those woeful tales of a tormented soul and trying to play love guru,(which included taking a stroll at nine in the night up and down the street where the object of her affection is holed up), i I felt i could do with some counseling myself. So I plunge headlong into Aubrie's awesome doodles which never fail to brighten me up and though I know that this would mean a terrible rush by the end of the month ; for now I have made up my mind to enjoy myself without worrying about the future.Yes, that's the right attitude! And here's the first week's harvest! To see the accompanying doodles, please go here

March 1

of wing flutter-
the blind cat's sigh

March 2

between the dark woods
and the dying fire-
our little white tent

March 3

your gaze
another wave reaches
the shore 

March 4

left on the table
last night and what I didn't
want to hear 

March 5

the railway track disappearing into the train's whistle


the railway track the length of the train's whistle

March 6

not enough light
to read your mind-
chinese lanterns 

March 7

migrating bird-
two or three feathers left
on the window sill

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