Friday, March 15, 2013

I doodle, you ku, 2013 - second week

We are through with the second week of I doodle, you ku and Aubrie's doodles are getting better and better while I am just managing to hang on. This is what i wrote for the 2nd week of IDYK. To see the accompanying doodles for each day, go here.

March 8

etched in milk the footprints of night

milk moon-
the silence
of your steps

March 9

this wordlessness
stuck at my throat-
new moon

March 10

the loon's call rippling
the sky 

March 11

a conversation
between the butterfly and beetle-
spring breeze 

March 12

too early
to worry about death a storm-
I board up the windows
just in case...

March 13

reaching for the snowflakes
the bare arm
of the scare crow

spring snow
on her bare arm
 a blue moth 

March 14

on the other side
of the barbed wire fence-

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