Saturday, August 4, 2012

August NaHaiWriMo -(1, 2, 3, 4)

August Nahaiwrimo has started with a bang and here are the prompts and my responses to them for the first four days.

August 1 - "heart" - provided by Kat Creighton

a sparrow's heartbeats-
holding the new-born

August 2 - "full moon" - provided by Judith Gorgone

One of my all-time favourite prompts, yet strangely, i couldn't come up with much. Wrote and discarded at least ten of them and finally settled on this one.

full moon-
turning the key
in the latch


the key in the latch-
full moon

(revision suggested by Freddy Ben Arroyo)

August 3 - "sand" - provided by Vincent Houreau

beach holiday-
resigned to the sand
in my soup


sand dunes
as far as the eyes go
you, you and only you

August 4 - "karumi" (lightness) - provided by John Carley

in the wake of the waterfowls the lightness of ripples


unknown seabird-
the anchor rope tilts
ever so slightly


Jessica said...

I love #1. And #3 made me laugh. Really good. So glad to read your haiku this month on NaHaiWriMo.

sanjuktaa said...

Hey Jessica, glad to have you visit and thanks for your comments!I am a big fan of your ku!