Saturday, August 25, 2012

August NaHaiWriMo - 21,22,23,24

Fellow NaHaiWriMo-an Jayashree Maniyil thinks the Nahaiwrimo this month is nothing less than a 'bootcamp' experience and I absolutely agree with her. The prompts keep on coming at us thick and fast like bullets and get tougher by the day. Sample the prompts for these past four days and you'll know.

August 21 - "driftwood" - Kathabela Wilson

I responded with a haiga for this and the next prompt.

picking driftwood
for the campfire-
which song shall we sing tonight?

August 22 - "forgotten things" - Alan Summers

This one was a killer alright.

lightning moon~
i don't remember
the scars at all

August 23 - "heat" - Pris Campbell

Sounds simple, but perhaps not so simple, particularly if one is trying to avoid writing about the weather.

coal-black eyes-
the colour of his anger

August 24 - "seam" - Susan Murata

Again very deceptive. Not being a seamstress,I found this very difficult to write about, until cricket cameto my rescue.

the highway
into the horizon

dating a seam bowler-
so many ways
this night could end

Hopefully, the prompts would get easier by the next week.
And before i forget, i am happy to say that i was awarded a HM for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival(VCBF) haiku invitational. Michele Harvey was the winner and quite a few of my nahaiwrimo mates won HM and sakura awards.

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