Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shiki kukai March 2012

image:Ichiro Tsurata

Kigo theme: Spring

spring breeze...
i catch his gaze
and hold it

I've been participating in the monthly Shiki kukai contests for such a long time now, and a few other kukai on some other sites as well, but never kept any proper records of them. I remember a few and some would be there languishing in my old notebooks, but mostly I would be at a loss if asked which poem I had entered for a particular kukai.Chancing upon a poem on one such site the other day, it looked vaguely familiar until I scrolled down and found it was actually written by me.
So anyway, I've decided to get organised and keep track of the poems entered or at least the ones which were placed well. Starting with the most recent one, the March 2012 Shiki kukai, the above was my entry for the kigo section and the one below for the free format section. Both were placed eighth and considering there were about 130+ entries in both the sections this time, I am quite pleased with my effort

Free format theme:dram/reverie

sinking in the sun-scented grass
me and a damselfly

And this was another one that I had entered for a Sketchbook kukai contest.

spring's end--
the gurgle of the brook
now a murmur

(Sketchbook 6-2, March-April 2011, Spring's end kukai, 1st place)

I'll search the kukai archives and find and record my other entries also by and by.

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