Friday, April 13, 2012

Shiki kukai February 2012

falling stars
letting go of memories...

The free format theme in February was "night lights"(natural) and I was placed seventh with this entry.

In the Kigo section the theme was "lingering cold" and I was not even in the top 10, but still I kinda like my entry here.

lingering cold--
a handful of stars
in the soup tureen


Gillena Cox said...

enjoyed them both

much love...

sanjuktaa said...

Thanks a lot, Gillena.

knot2share said...

Hey Sanjuktaa!

It pays a lot reading your blog every now and then. Loved your entry and in fact a belate congratulations on the sketchbook haiku from last year. I loved it!! Would you be kind enough to let me know the link for this Shiki Kukai - monthly programmes? Can anybody participate? Including me? As you know, I have just begun to explore and there are so many things out there I would like to get my hands on but one at a time I guess! I found a link but that dates back to 2011 and can not find the page for the current year. Of course archives do help to get a feel for them and also to read through the winning entries. Would appreciate your help. Take care!


sanjuktaa said...

Hi Jayashree,thanks...that sketchbook kukai was so long ago that i almost forgot about it.Of course you are eligible to join the shiki kukai. Anybody can enter. You'll find quite a few beginners there as well as some very well-known names.I was a rank newcomer myself when i had joined that site.Here are the links where you can get all the info:

Hope to see you there for the next kukai.Cheers.~sanjuktaa.