Monday, April 2, 2012

National poetry month

So my self-enforced sabbatical is over...though not sure if it could be called that, because i have been posting for Aubrie Cox's "i doodle you ku" challenge everyday religiously! And what a wonderful experience it has been! The poems by all the participants were so different in the way they responded to Aubrie's doodles and yet so wonderful, that it was difficult to pick up a favourite. I desisted from commenting because it might seem i was being partial to one over the other, when in fact everybody was outstanding. But like all good things, this too, has come to an end and I'm going to miss it all sorely for a few days at least...I've become so addicted to my daily dose of doodles! I plan to bring at least some of those doodles by Aubrie along with my responses here in this blog sometime later.

Meanwhile , April is upon us which is celebrated as the national poetry month all over the world; yes, even in India, though it must have originated in USA and Canada.I wish i had planned something special to celebrate the month in my blog. However, plenty is going on in many of the other poetry blogs that i visit regularly. Cara Holman is hosting April poet showcase in her blog Prose Posies and Margaret Dornaus also is having guest posts by poets on her blog Haiku-doodle. So is Angie Warren at Feathers. And Yousei Hime at her blog Shiteki Na Usagi. With so much to read , I know I'm not going to have a dull moment. And then there is always Johannes S H Bjerg who is continuing with what he calls "parallel poetry" and which he started writing a few months back... in his blog 3ournals and frags. I have found this form absolutely fascinating. Just click on the link and go visit his blog once, if you'd like to sample something totally different!

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Yousei Hime said...

I think we will all be at least as busy as we want to be, and worse in most cases. Enjoy the month. I plan to. :)