Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiki kukai June , July 2011

Before I begin,I'd like to tell my readers that I was featured in two other blogs this month. Margaret Dornaus and Cara Holman, both of them wonderful and well-known poets, were celebrating National poetry month on their blogs and very sweetly offered to host me. So I did a guest post on Margaret Dornaus' Haiku doodle on April 16th and was featured in April poet showcase on Cara Holman's Prose posies on April 22.You can read them here and here.

Going back to my Shiki kukai posts, these two are from July and June, 2011 respectively. The kigo for July was "moths" and I wrote this.( This one has been posted in this blog previously)

gypsy moth--
the wind tugs at
a brown leaf

For June, the kigo was "outdoor markets" and this was my response.

flea market rain--
the leaking roof
of the umbrella shop

Was placed 8th and 9th for these two. Seems like I've made these places my own :-(

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