Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May NaHaiWriMo - Part 6

The sixth chakra (ajna) is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion and is also known as the third eye chakra.Situated in the middle of the forehead,the colour representing this chakra is indigo.

And the prompts given by Sheila Windsor were:

21 - open/ing
22 - ink
23 - Hortensia Anderson (in memoriam)
24 - perspective

What I wrote:

May 21 (open/ing)

Sorry,submitted for publication

may 22(ink)

power outage
the ink bottle

May 23 (Hortensia Anderson)

Hortensia Anderson passed away on 23rd May. She had once mentioned in an interview this poem as being her favourite among all the poems she wrote.

moonlit night--
the pond floats
a waterlily

tribute to her was a take-off on that one.

petals of the waterlily
close around you

May 24 (perspective)

blue kite unreeling the summer sky

Third eye chakra is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center.

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