Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May NaHaiWriMo --Part 1

image: Sheila Windsor

I am doing NaHaiWriMo again this month. And glad that I decided to do so. For Sheila Windsor, this month's prompter has come up with a really unique and ingenious model for prompts.

Sheila says:The model I'm taking my inspiration from for this month of prompting is: The Chakras.
The model we're working to has seven levels... Seven levels gives us seven sets of four prompts with three spare at the end to play with..

So first we started with the Base or Root chakra (the colour red). And the prompts for the first four days were:
1. Roots

And here are my responses:

May 1 (roots) :

Sorry, this has been submitted for publication.

May 2 (recycling)

tire swing--
the child's laughter
in the wind

May 3 (mother)

an earthen lamp at dusk-
the way I remember

May 4 (ruby)

sipping wine
the colour
of a ruby-red desire

Next we come to the sacral chakra. I'll keep that for my next post.

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