Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February NaHaiWriMo - Day 29 - leap

So we come to the end of the February NaHaiWriMo with the prompt"leap", "leap year" or "leap day"!

The prompts throughout the month haven't been easy, but i managed to scrape through and enjoyed the whole experience of writing, reading and commenting and being commented on.
To be able to meet all the challenges successfully without missing a day... that too was reason for huge satisfaction!

Looking back though it seems that though i started strongly, (even if i say so), halfway through the month i lost the punch,my haiku beginning to get more and more flat. Maybe i couldn't connect with the prompts or i just overstretched myself, but my haiku limbs definitely started cramping!Probably what i need right now is a short break from haikuing...though i know i won't be able to stay away for long!

Many thanks to all my haiku mates who participated with me and egged me on whenever i lagged behind. Thanks much to Michael Dylan Welch--Nahaiwrimo's founder and this month's prompter!

And before I go, the final haiku of this month ;

spring day
the shimmering green
of the dragonfly's leap

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