Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February NaHaiWriMo - Day 28 - Haiku generator revisited

The haiku generator again. We had had a torrid time with this prompt last year during Terri Hale French's tenure and i had blogged about it here. Due to its populaity among the poets, Michael Dylan Welch thought it would be a good idea to use that prompt again. So there we were again in that madhouse where we had to write our own version/take based on the computer-generated haiku that this site threw at us. I looked at around twenty or so haiku in the hope of finding something that i could make some sense of. In the process i found such gems as these :

impersonal barbed
boatman poses, poses
orchid jangles, swift


echo submerges
cheaply, lifeless oaks rusting
icicles fornicate

Then i settled on this:

azalea drips
wetly, malodorous some
oaf palpitates, cool

and this was my version:

the empty mailbox--
azaleas in bloom

Also this,
scarecrows hesitate
sadly, oafs forgetting doors
recuperate, dim

And my version

scarecrows nodding...
he again forgets
his house number

which i later changed into:

pointing towards
his way home

Oh boy, am i glad that today's prompt is behind me now!! And if you ask me why i landed up with oafs every time, i have no idea!


Yousei Hime said...

You did just fine with these. I really love the last one. :)

sanjuktaa said...

Thank you, Yousei.Well, nobody can say i didn't try :-D