Friday, September 30, 2011

Haiga -beyond twilight

The last day of haiga-a-day challenge and my last haiga, for the time being!

Boy, am i glad that I decided to participate! Though my efforts were amateurish, having had no drawing or haiga background and only the most rudimentary know-how in photoshop... the only application I had at my disposal... it was tough going, yet I had so much fun, even if it meant sitting bleary-eyed at the computer till late at night.

Because I always love experimenting with colours! And seeing something totally new emerge from a dull, flat picture or clipart was a reward in itself.Finally all the colours and shapes in the world to dabble in and splash, stretch and twirl, daub or spatter as I want! I discovered quite a few new online photo editors along the way and learnt a lot from the other participants as well.

Before I end, 'sorry' to those unsuspecting visitors to my blog whom I inundated day after day with my haiga and lotsa mahalo and aloha (even if i say so not in the right order) to all those who have encouraged and egged me on, not that I needed much encouragement though! Really and truly 'way fun' , Rick Daddario!

1 comment:

Wrick said...

aloha Sanjuktaa - well done, absolutely.

being new to this... what? i think you must be a painter at heart as well as a writer. "playing with color" yeah, the words of a painter.

way cool on your process and learning. you match up words and image well. way fun.

thank you for participating.

i dont know if any of my comments will make it to you. i leave them, but i dont see them appear. i hope they get to you some how.

way cool on your haiga and i'm delighted that you've kept going on it too.