Saturday, September 10, 2011


The rain has eased off in the last few days. After four months of downpour (most of the time), torrential rains (some of the time), heavy shower (at other times), non-stop rain (at all times) and drizzle ( almost never) ; the sun has come out, clothes are dry and warm at last, the resident squirrel is back to its usual noisy ways and there are pockets of golden yellow at unexpected corners of my house.

The cat had been observing me closely for quite sometime, but after realising that I really bear him no ill-will or grudge,( we are at loggerheads most of the time, the reason being our similar tastes in food) he has stretched out on the window sill and gone off to sleep. There is so much to do, mails to write, calls to make, reading to catch up on...but at this moment all I want to do is to emulate the cat, curl up in this pool of sunlight on the recliner and snooze away! Everything else can wait!

siesta time -
a gentle tide washes over
the shingle

Wait a minute! Did i just write my first haibun?


Aankhi said...

Makes me want to join the cat and you! :( Khoob bhalo lekha. Hugs!

Wrick said...

aloha sanjuktaa. funny. I've tried to leave comments here yesterday and today both. I seem to do it wrong and the comment goes away. all that is left of the comment from today is the ku.

the puzzle
on my desk
blank paper

the first part had to do with answering to your question. and yesterday the comment (to the haiku generator post) had to do with the post and how long it has taken me to get here.

the magic of three
the mysterious Internet gods
eat comments

sanjuktaa said...

Hi Rick, this has happened a few times to me too, when i wanted to comment on some other blogs! Would have liked to hear from you on the haiku generator post. Next time, if you cannot post your comment here, mail it to me at sanjuktaa2003 at yahoo dot com.
Thanks for leaving a comment...and love your ku!