Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haiga - autumn dusk

I finally decided to play the haiga-a-day challenge for Rick Daddario of 19 planets art blog, encouraged by Rick and inspired by a couple of fellow haiku poets. Rick Daddario, who is an awesome artist, insists anybody who can write with a pen or pencil, has the ability to draw anything one wants. I beg to disagree. Drawing a line or shape doesn't come so easily to me. Yet i am so impressed by his artwork and having always wanted to do haiga, i thought maybe i could learn to use photoshop/digital art or whatever.

The one today is just a loosener. I've used only a sample picture, photoshopped it a bit, adding twirl and added a ku...that's about it! Maybe I'd try to do something more complex as I go along and gain some confidence.

So here we go:

Visit 19 planets art blog if you want to see Rick Daddario's wonderful artwork and haiga.

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