Thursday, November 15, 2012

starry night, open window and black water

It's already mid-November and I've again missed quite a few submission deadlines of journals where i had intended to submit; but on the plus side, still one and a half month to go in this year and more importantly Diwali is behind me! I always feel relieved and upbeat when Diwali is over...don't know why.Duties done, chores completed and respects paid, I feel a whole lot lighter, like, now i am free to do my own thing, to go back to my own world. Not that there was too much to do this year...the reasons being my own illness and the passing away of a close relative. Yet the aftermath of Diwali is always NICE! The weather seems sweeter, I am feeling much better and who knows maybe soon, very soon, I'd be able to write some poetry!

Meanwhile,to go over a few recent publications, these three haiku (by me) were published in A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 issue.

 starry night tripping over the banyan roots

opening the window 
to a moth and what's left
of the moon

black water pond
how deep
the crow's eyes


maggie said...

And all three very beautiful, Sanjukta! Glad to know you're feeling more energized.

sanjuktaa said...

Thanks a lot, Maggie!Glad you liked them.

Kirsten Cliff said...

I very much enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes via these ku, Sanjuktaa. Deep and beautiful, full of wonder and playfulness. Thank you!

May your health continue to improve and you find your light within words once again. (I sure know what it's like to be stopped by illness.) Blessings!

sanjuktaa said...

Many many thanks for your words, Kirsten.When ever i am down and out and lack the strength to write, i always think of you and some others like Cara or Pamela Babusci. Whatever pain or discomfort i have is nothing compared to what you all have battled through and overcome.You are and always will be an inspiration to me!