Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have long been intrigued by Johannes S H Bjerg's poetry ...what he calls "fragments" ...and wanted to emulate him sometime,... just for the heck of it, to see where they take me; but never got down to doing it. Yesterday seemed a good day though to indulge in that, particularly after reading one of his latest posts. I have not been able to write anything worthwhile lately, so i just took a deep breath and plunged headlong.

And here is what i wrote.

  shadows jostling at the window unknown

in the sink unwashed dishes and three clouds

parting the midnight fog trumpeting tuskers

they are not coming back, but i keep the porch lights on

blindfolded i can see as far as the sky (and the sky is where my left shoulder is)

labored breath the barometer turning purple
why the phone keeps on ringing at the bottom of river
just a handful of sesame seeds, but the guilt, the guilt

the universe is too young for you, black dwarf, or you are


Though this has been inspired by JHSB and is an unabashed attempt (which failed) at emulating his style, the content, after a while, took me where i hadn't planned to go at all.
Now i must go and get an appointment with the psychiatrist too.


Aankhi said...

khoob bhalo jodio kichiu bujhte parini...

maggie said...

Love these, particularly, Sanjukta:

in the sink unwashed dishes and three clouds

labored breath the barometer turning purple

just a handful of sesame seeds, but the guilt, the guilt

So good to hear your voice again. Come join in my Day of the Dead celebration, if you have a chance . . .

Best, Margaret

sridevi datta said...

Sanjukta Di...I don't know about this form ...but somehow this struck a chord deep within with all it's mystery and intrigue :))

sanjuktaa said...

@Aankhi, amio parini.

sanjuktaa said...

Maggie, thanks so much. Those are my favorites too! I'd like very much to join in your day of the dead post, if i can come up with something, that is, ...these days my brain is working only in a convoluted manner.

sanjuktaa said...

Sridevi, so glad you liked them. Many thanks, sis!

Kirsten Cliff said...

Very interesting experiment, Sanjukkta. I really enjoyed reading them. Not only did they take you where you didn't plan to go, they took me along too! Thank you. :)