Sunday, June 17, 2012

the haiku that didn't happen

I could not participate in NaHaiWriMo this month, being tied up in too many other things.But I've been closely following the very challenging prompts given by Alison Williams, the prompter for this month and one of the prompts a few days ago that aroused my interest was the creative random word generator at where you only had to click a button to get a set of words. I thought that would be fun and I could make up for my past few days' of inactivity.

So I press the button and get my first word: "microbes".
I had no intention of writing about microbes and couldn't, even if i wanted to. So I took a second chance.

The word i got this time was:"jass".
I had no idea what that meant, so went and looked it up in the dictionary. A card game played with a 36 card pack, it said , with some other complex rules. I didn't think i could write a haiku on that either.

Again i refresh the button and get "metal detector"!
Things are not really going my way, i thought... how could one get poetic about a metal detector? Well, i know some of you very talented poets out there could do even that, but not me!

So off again i go and click the button with hope in my heart and a prayer on my lips. Perhaps I'm going to be fourth-time lucky?

The word that leaps out at me is:"CHIMPANZEE"!
( Though not in caps, but it looked like that to me.)

At this point, I gave up and went to bed.


Anonymous said...

And I got the word "zebra" on my first try, and gave up immediately. I had the best of intentions of doing NaHaiWriMo daily this month... but it's summer vacation! ;-)

sanjuktaa said...

Yes,Cara, nothing gets done with the children (even when they are no longer children)around!

Aankhi said...

Hilarious! :))