Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(Thirty-first) Final small stone

skipping stones
I learn to croon
like the stream

YAY..I'VE DONE IT! Finished writing thirty-one small stones! Haven't missed a single step throughout the month despite such a crazy schedule! I think i really deserve a pat on the back and congrats also to all the other fellow stoners who have finished this challenge successfully. It has been a fantastic experience, to say the least,enlivened by Fiona's inspirational newsletters and now on to February which promises to be another interesting and busy, busy month writingwise, starting with February NaHaiWriMo...the original haiku writing month.The prompter is ready and the participants are raring to go! NaHaiWriMo completes one year today. I wasn't there last year; i joined much later; but this time over I wouldn't want to give it a miss and i know you wouldn't either. So in case you haven't joined yet, how about joining me here on Facebook? It's going to be fun!

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