Monday, January 2, 2012

"Things with Wings and other poems", Aubrie Cox's compilation of selected poems along with her doodles, which we had done for "I doodle you ku" on her blog Yay Words back in March, is finally online! And what a delightful collection it has turned out to be! I am so happy to be featured there with 15 of my poems alongside many other poet friends of mine. Download the pdf copy here if you want to feast your eyes on Aubrie's awesome doodles and some equally amazing poems.

Over the next few days, I plan to feature in this space, all my poems that have been included in the collection (and also a few that have not been included) paired with Aubrie's awesome doodles. I begin at the end on March 31st, with a poem of mine that is not there in the collection, but which I loved writing all the same.

The image here is not one by Aubrie Cox, but something very similar to what she had doodled on at day!

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