Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daughter's day

It was Daughters' day on 11th August. Even on NaHaiWriMo page at Facebook, the day's prompt was:daughters or sons.And to think that I couldn't even speak to my daughter that day, busy as she was with making a presentation at college.One of the perils of sending your daughter abroad to never get to speak to her when you want!
This post, however, is for her...if she ever reads this!

A number of great haiku have been written on the subject of daughters.Offhand I do remember only a few and the first of them that really strikes a chord:

bare patch in the garden-
again my daughter doesn't
answer her phone

-Carolyn Hall

This one too:

on the phone
my daughter and I
watch different sunsets

-Anne LB Davidson

Another delightful one:

small talk
snap beans

-Peggy Willis Lyles

And this beautiful one:

breakup -
my daughter's voice cracks
across two continents

-Roberta Beary

Daughters are such that they inspire you to poetry. That's not to say sons do not...! I don't have one, but having friends who have grown-up or adolescent sons,I can guess that raising a son also perhaps could be as beautiful as bringing up a daughter.

spring shadows -
new razor
for the teenaged son

(The Heron's Nest, Vol 13, issue 2)

What I am trying to say here is this; set your children free by all means: but don't send them so far away that you cannot reach out to touch his cheek or give her a hug once in a while.

hummingbird -
this summer, too,
it keeps away

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Aankhi said...

Thanks Mamma! All of them were beautiful! :)