Friday, August 12, 2011

Breaking the ice

My opening blog! And what do i write about?

Let's for a moment assume there are a thousand people out there, waiting to latch on to my every word...
how do i introduce myself to them?

I chew my pen(or rather, drum the keyboard uncertainly) and scratch my head!

What about those famous lines..."I have nothing to declare except my genius"? Not good enough?

Well, then...I am just a typical Indian woman, (well, on second thoughts, maybe not so typical, because I am also lazy, laconic and a loner most of the time), a mother and a wife, who happened to stray onto the path of poetry, especially haiku and the Japanese forms of poetry, rather late in life; but has since enjoyed every moment of being there.

I have not yet thought it out as to which direction this blog is going to take, having been warned not to turn it into a poetry blog, as poetry seems to be a surefire way of killing all reader interest, of losing your audience( if there is any to begin with, that is)! But what the heck, it's my blog, isn't it?And a blog is the only space in the world where you could indulge yourself, write whatever you please.So if you hate poetry, please ignore this and move on to the next blog. Because poetry probably is going to be a major part of it!

But if on the other hand, you stick around for a while, I'll try not to make it too long-drawn for you, be as brief as possible,the poetry I feature will be good and not always mine, and what's more I might mix it up now and then with some other stuff, too.
Stuff that would catch your interest!

So please bear with me till I figure my way out through an enormous number of unfamiliar gadgets on this newly-acquired blogspace of mine.

And please do leave your comments sometimes, if you feel so inclined, to help me make it a better blog.

For the moment, I'll just leave you with these lines:

soft brown earth,
the rock-strewn mountains,
swirling storm
and the gentle rain.
sometimes the creeper,
sometimes the banyan,
I am free,
I am bonded,
I am every woman.

Will be seeing you soon.

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