Friday, April 3, 2015

NaPoMo, April 3

A slightly longer poem by Kamala Das, a prominent Indian poetess who passed away a few years ago, is the featured poem today.
And to think I've discovered her only recently (though I've known about her always), because of a dfisparaging remark made by somebody.

I Shall Some Day

I shall some day leave,leave the cocoon
You bulit around me with morning tea,
Love- words flung from doorways and of course
Your tired lust. I shall some day take
Wings, fly around, as often petals
Do when free in air, and you, dear one,
Just the sad remnant of a root, must
Lie behind, sans pride, on double-beds
And grieve. But I shall some day return,losing
Nearly all, hurt by wind, sun and rain,
Too hurt by fierce happiness to want
A further jaunt or a further spell
Of freedom, and I shall some day see
My world, defleshed, de-veined, de-blooded,
Just a skeletal thing,then shut my
Eyes and take refuge, if nowhere else,
Here in your nest of familiar scorn...

Kamala Das

Mandatory warning: 
I know my poet friends need no warning, but for others who might read these posts, all the poems featured this month are only poems I adore and by no means a reflection on or connected with my personal life.


Anonymous said...

ki apoorbo!

sanjuktaa said...

Ke tui? Thank you!