Saturday, February 21, 2015

when february is here - NaHaiWriMo, third week

The third week at NaHaiWriMo was all about nouns and since haiku is, more often than not, written about nouns, many among us must have had sighed in relief,but though it started innocuously enough,later on in the week, we were again left struggling. At least, I did. The easiest words are sometimes the most difficult to write to. The prompts were: Nest, Nickel,Nosebleed (yes, that's right, nosebleed it was), Neon, Nuance, Notebook and Newlywed.

A few that I managed to write:

nickel moon
the shine
in the beggar-girl's eyes

neon sky
the pavement sleeper mumbles
in his dream

cloudless sky
how the blackbirds fill it
song by song

Newly Married--
the car idling 
by the tiger-lily bush

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