Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January nahaiwrimo, week one

NaHaiWriMo is always fun.Since I've not been able to get down to writing small stones, I started doing Chrissi Villa's prompts on nahaiwrimo this month and this is my first week's harvest. The prompts were :Mirror, Marmalade,Murmur,Morsel,Melody, Magnolia and Mask.

gleaming mirror
my questions thrown back
at me

black currant jam
I scoop out a spoonful
of darkness

across the forest floor
the murmur
of a fire

first morsel-
a mouthful
of toothless smile

one or two ripples
in the pond

magnolia buds...
the words you write
on the window-pane

halloween night
the raccoon eyes

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