Saturday, September 21, 2013

September update

September has been hectic, but September has also been generous to me. At least poetry- wise. At the beginning of the month Lakeview International Journal Vol 1, No.2 (  ) came out with two of my haiku in it. Then there was the latest issue of A Hundred Gourds (  featuring thee of my haiku apart from a previously published one which was selected by Yoshiko McFarland as one of the ten that she translated into "earth language" by rendering it beautifully in her unique pictograph style.

Next , New Zealand poet Kirsten Cliff included one of my poems in her ongoing  Per Diem series on the theme of "dream speak" on the Haiku Foundation website.

My poem  was also published on Tinywords on September 6th (  )

And to wrap it all up, I  got the third place in the European Kukai edition III. (See the beautiful e-diploma above.) I know, it's only a 3rd place. But it was my first try and there were 156 contestants in it, so cannot help feeling extremely happy about it.

I only hope the remaining part of the month also stays as kind to me as these three weeks were!

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