Thursday, September 13, 2012

all that's been happening

Christine Villa's 2nd HMPC (Haiku My Photo Challenge) results were out this week and to my delight, I found myself among the winners once again, along with Rick Daddario (1st place) and Kirsten Kliff (3rd place). This was especially gratifying as till the last moment, i was not sure i could participate at all and also because this was done in the format of a kukai contest, that is, the winners were selected by the participants' votes. All credit goes to Chrissi, of course, for holding such contests successfully time and again. Huge thanks to you, Chrissi!

Here is my 2nd place winning haiku .

lilac dusk~
a song we are yet
to sing

Yon can read all the winning entries and everything else about this contest here on Christine Villa's blog, Blossom rain.

The Heron's Nest September issue and A Hundred Gourds issue 1.4 are out too with great stuff as always and I am happy to be a part of them with one poem in THN and three in AHG.

On Mann library daily haiku, the featured poet this month is Yu Chang and he is absolutely unmissable!So in case you've forgotten to take a peek in there lately, do so today!

Finally i am sure many of you are already participating in Rick Daddario's 30 days of haiga bash... (i wish i could, too), if not you could find out all about it here.

Last but not the least, Aubrie Cox is having another lovely doodle prompt contest on the theme of the sea and/or thieves on her blog Yay Words, the last date for which is today. Another fun contest i absolutely hated to miss. But I hope you haven't!

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