Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween "spirits"

night chill...
raiding the cellar
in search of spirits

Halloween or All Hallow's eve was celebrated in the West yesterday (Monday, 31st October).The prompt by Pris Campbell at NaHaiWriMo was 'ghosts or spirits' and this was my response .

Here's Michele Harvey on the same prompt at the same forum :

wind chill-
the creak on the stairs
when nobody's there

And this is what Stella Pierides had to say:

ghosts -
wherever you look
a double-burger

There is a great haiga by Sheila Windsor as well , but you better visit the NaHaiWriMo page for that.And you must go take a look at Rick Daddario's halloween haiga here.


Wrick said...

aloha Sanjuktaa - again... this may be a second comment - but i think the first one may not have gone... so i apologize if i'm leaving too many comments....

it's just that i like what you are doing and i'm glad you've continued on with the haiga. fun, yes? it was so fun for me that i kept going too.

i am impressed with what you are doing now that i understand working in photoshop is relatively new for you.

your ku are great and matching them up with an image seems like second nature to you... cool on that.

i seem to remember you asking me a question on one of my haiga. i replied, i hope you got it.

i've been submitting works to the WHA haiga contest (once a month) - Kuni San often makes comments and suggestions on ways to improve. it was through that process that i began to make my ku a little bigger so that it was easy to read (usually) and would (hopefully) relate more as a compositional element in the work. i'm grateful to Kuni San for his time in doing that.

you might take a look at the results of his contests to get more ideas about ways to work with your haiga. ...and i hope you will submit one a month there too.

thank you for all your support - ku on and haiga too. aloha, Wrick (rick from WP)

sanjuktaa said...

Aloha, Rick...i am so glad that your comments at last came through and grateful for your encouraging words.Your appreciation matters because that means i am on the right track. Thank you so much. And yes, of course i'll visit Kuni San's site and WHA haiga contest. Even if i don't participate, i am sure i could learn a lot!