Friday, October 21, 2011


The moon has always unfailingly stirred me to poetry. I never tire writing about moon, or reading about it, for that matter, because moon has the same effect on most of the poets.

The following three poems were placed among the best three poems at the Moonviewing party at HAIKU BANDIT SOCIETY in consecutive months.

the ball kicked
higher and higher -
muddy moon

(June,2011 moonviewing party)

cloud-smudged moon...
a breath
on the mirror

(July,2011 moonviewing party)

wet behind the ears still the moon tonight

(August,2011 moonviewing party)

And these two, in later months... which were not placed, but still remain my favorites, probably because unlike the first three which fell onto my lap out of the blue, so to say; some effort had gone in shaping these two.

match point -
the distance between
this moon and that

a swirl of moon
in the glass...
weighing the possibilities

Sigh, sigh...!

Oh well..., come next full moon and I'll again be back to mooning, or probably much before that.

"with or without you the moon"---Melissa Allen

the river
the river makes
of the moon

-Jim Kacian

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Anonymous said...

Love match point!