Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back to blogging

The last day of the first month in 2017; NaHaiWriMo on Facebook, which has become an annual ritual for me over the years, is going to begin in less than 24 hours and logging in to my forgotten blog after ages, I find my last blog post was written 366 days ago!! That says it all. About how the last year went. At least haikuwise.

I had been crazy busy with the editing and compiling of naad anunaad : an anthology of contemporary world haiku, for the greater part of 2016 and also 2015. It was Kala Ramesh's dream project; she is the chief editor and worked really hard to bring it all together; but we, too, had put in a ridiculous amount of work. Especially doing the pub credits freaked me out totally.However, the book was finished and launched in Pune in September last year. It has been an enriching experience, but it also took away a large chunk of time, leaving me with none at all to pursue my own writing.Even after September, I haven't been able to pick up the pen and write anything; or if I have written, I don't remember it at least. Vinay Ravindranath was the prompter for NaHaiWriMo in January and I had intended to do the month as a sort of warming up for the event in February, but there also I drew a blank.So here I am, set to take the plunge in NaHaiWriMo from tomorrow, like I do every year,but this time with a lot of misgivings and a severe lack of self-confidence that comes with days and days of non-writing. Something tells me this year it's going to be a struggle; a rattling journey. So wish me luck, folks, that is,if anybody is still following my blog.

from a chipped china cup
winter rain