Sunday, January 25, 2015

January nahaiwrimo - week three

Mist, Mint,Match, Mosquito, Magpie, Mothball and Mud-- these were the prompts on NaHaiWriMo in the third week of January and here is what I managed to write.

the mist
in his voice

mint leaf
a raindrop
turns green

striking a match
in the dark room
the leap of a wasp

drifting off...
this unfinished business
with mosquitoes

monochrome light
the chatter of magpies
at dawn

ma's closet
the scent of mothballs
almost a patina

football field
the squeals as high
as the mud splatter

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January NaHaiWriMo - week two

The second week at NaHaiWriMo...the prompts were: Mesh,Mango, Manhole, Mosaic,Maze, Meadow and Mantel.

And the ku I wrote were:

window mesh-
the spider weaves 
a sunbeam

a whiff of summer
in the swish of her skirt

manhole night the beginning of another world

cracked mosaic--
a gnarled branch
against the sky

corn maze
the wind will have
its way

morning fog
the meadow lost
in cowbells

shrugging off
the mantle of clouds

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January nahaiwrimo, week one

NaHaiWriMo is always fun.Since I've not been able to get down to writing small stones, I started doing Chrissi Villa's prompts on nahaiwrimo this month and this is my first week's harvest. The prompts were :Mirror, Marmalade,Murmur,Morsel,Melody, Magnolia and Mask.

gleaming mirror
my questions thrown back
at me

black currant jam
I scoop out a spoonful
of darkness

across the forest floor
the murmur
of a fire

first morsel-
a mouthful
of toothless smile

one or two ripples
in the pond

magnolia buds...
the words you write
on the window-pane

halloween night
the raccoon eyes

Friday, January 2, 2015

missing the small stones

This January I’m definitely going to miss my annual ritual of writing a small stone everyday that I had been doing for the past few years and enjoying so much.Fiona Robyn, the founder of small stones has gone on a hiatus and any imminent comeback does not seem to be in the offing. But maybe I can still stop by to watch a moment and write a stone now and then, if not daily?

begging to be walked-
the old dog fetches
its leash

(Shiki kukai, December 2014)