Thursday, February 16, 2017

it is a way of (NaHaiWriMo, Feb 2017)

Into the 2nd week and beyond, the prompts are getting more interesting, with some words being repeated, but with different nuances, like we were warned of at the beginning itself.

#Feb 12 (it - use the word in the poem, but try not to say what "it"is)

knowing it,
not knowing it...
winter sparrow

#Feb 13 (is - mention the word in the poem, unlike the first time, but try not to introduce too much judgement into it)

it is late, yet...
the yellow cat waiting
by the padlocked gate

#Feb 14 (a way of - a way of some kind or using another word after 'of')

new valentine...
the way his eyes blinking amber
hold mine

(I know, I know, it's a stupid one, but just wanted to incorporate the valentine somehow into it. Will need some revision to make it even passable)

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